Hello, World

Welcome. Great to have you here. Now.. just what the heck am I doing?

I’ve decided to discontinue my old site and start afresh with a new brand and new content. Not that there was anything wrong with my old content… but my old brand just didn’t feel like it fitted me any more.

That, and I need to get better at writing. A lot better…

I’ve always held strong that the best way to get good at anything is to simply do more of it. Writing it something I’ve always aspired to become better at, but it’s never really flowed from my fingers the way I’d hoped. My old blog had become a wasteland of old stale content with a constant barrage of spam bots. It didn’t exactly make for an inspiring place to write!

So, here I am, starting again.

Hello, World.



Hey, I’m Michael Thomas. I’ve started a bunch of successful software brands, and I’m not focused on bigger, more bad-ass software platforms. I help people get their start in online business while sharing from my own experience (both successful and failures).

  • Hi Michael

    I’m using your WP Link Shield and LOVE it! It does what the competing systems don’t do and actually protect and cloak my affiliate links. One thing I wished it did was better reporting or at least access to the raw data so I can generate reports myself.

    Any thoughts?

    Dan Harley, Jr.

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